Delegate School of Arts

World War 1 Memorials Project

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Delegate is a small town of 300 people located in the Bombala Shire, 525km from Sydney.

The Delegate School of Arts dates from the early 1900s. Over the years the building has been modified and has served many purposes including being the venue for the local picture show. Today, the building features a Local History Museum, a Woodworking Room and an exceptionally fine hall. The local Council manages the building on behalf of the community.

The History Museum houses an excellent collection, which deals with the history of the local area. The Museum has a special focus on the role that local community members have played in the various military conflicts in which Australia has been involved.

As well as the Honour Rolls, that flank the stage in the auditorium, there is co-located at the front of the building an impressive stone monument that commemorates the “Men from Snowy River March” in which 12 men set out from Delegate on 6 January 1916 to march the 220 miles to the nearest AIF Training Depot in Goulburn in order to volunteer to serve in the Great War.



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