What other names have they used?

Q&A #4

Dr Roger Morris, AM

President, AMISA

Among the names that can be found in use across Australia are the following:

  • School of Arts
  • Mechanics’ Institute
  • Literary Institute
  • Workingmen’s Institute
  • Miners’ Institute
  • Railway Institute [and there was a Tramways Inst.]
  • Postal Institute
  • Athenaeum
  • Lyceum
  • Temperance Hall
  • Free Library
  • Memorial Hall
  • Public Hall
  • Soldiers’ Hall
  • Memorial Hall
  • People, Institute

How many were there?

AMISA believes that there were 800 plus Schools of Arts in NSW. This figure is very similar to the one that has been arrived at by the NSW public servants who have responsibility for administering Trustees of Schools of Arts Enabling Act, 1902 [as amended]. The Victorians believe that there were more than 1000 and possibly 1100 in that state. So altogether there probably were some 2500 – 3000 Schools or Institutes across Australia at the peak of the movement in the early C20th.