Crown Lands Legislation (June 2014)

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The NSW Government recently completed a comprehensive review of all legislation that regulates Crown land. The Government plans to develop consolidated, streamlined legislation to underpin the management of Crown land in the future.

The Crown Lands Legislation White Paper produced contains proposals to develop one new piece of legislation that will replace eight existing Acts, streamline existing provisions, simplify the management of Crown reserves and reduce red tape. As part of that process it is proposed to repeal the “Trustees of School of Arts Enabling Act 1902 under which most of the 140 plus remaining Schools operate.

AMISA’s seminar, held on 16 June 2014, gave Schools of Arts the opportunity to hear from Dept. of Lands representatives.

A full report of the Seminar can be found in Newsletter Vol. 2, No. 1 (22 June 2014).